“Our Primary Purpose”

‘Is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety’


Most of the pages on this site are password protected, designed to be used by Members of AA who do Service:

Liaison Officer’s
Telephone Responders
A logon account will give access to secure documents and applications.

These applications display live information and are designed to help Home Responders while carrying out their Step 12 duties.
Also access for GSR’s and Officers needing contact details and access to the minutes etc.  

However all Visitors can access:

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GSR information regarding Inter-Group and Conference. 

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“Service And Sobriety”


 A new approach, that seeks to make Service at Inter-Group more attractive.

The aim is to, ‘Recruit & Retain’ Members in Service Roles by offering a clear explanation of the Service role and putting in place a Buddying support structure.

We are never alone when doing Service: Concept 10 states:

Every service responsibility should be matched by an equal service authority, with the scope of such authority well defined.

Help can sometimes best come from forming sub Committees; delegating some responsibilities to volunteers who are encouraged to participate, in the sub Committee, without the commitment to a particular Service period. It of course depends on the Service role.  

A ‘Service Rotation Trigger’ that will activate at about one year, prior to rotation, to allow the incumbent Service Officer to recruit a replacement before the three year Service window closes.

With ‘Service & Sobriety’ sub Committees help, the outgoing Officer will be encouraged to complete a templated form; this will explain the way the role was developed, the experience gained, the strengths found and the hope that the Service role has added to the outgoing Officers sobriety.

This will form the basis of a Service story, that may be used to encourage prospective recruits, who can easily identify with it; as opposed to the rather clinical job description from the ‘Service Hand Book’.

However the official text will, of course, be reflected within the Service Story and be the finite description of Service positions.  


We now have a Service Coordinator – this is a new Service Role created specifically to deal with the issues around supporting incoming Liaison Officers.

Ensuring they receive an adequate handover procedures with supporting documents and job descriptions, support from the outgoing Officer, or the SAS Committee; whichever is more appropriate.

Buddying up as a job share is also a way of spreading the load; which will help to retain Officers for the full Service period.
Ensuring that a recruitment process, for electing a successor, is triggered in a timely manner before the incumbent Officer is due to rotate out.

A welcome pack has also been created for GSR’s.

Although GSR is a Group appointment, as the liaison with Intergroup.
An essential part of the GSR role the expectations and duties are laid out in the Service Manual. It is hoped t
he welcome pack will explain GSR duties in an easy to understand manner. 

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 The Three Bristol Assemblies            


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