Hints: Details for Seven Twelfth Steppers

if you need more, fill out and send another form
  • Group Name - Your Group name, as per the WTF, not the nickname
  • Email - Needed to contact you if we need more details of the changes
  • Name - Christian name and initial.
  • Contact - preferred phone number.
  • Post Code - The first part of your post code - to match you up with 12 step callers.
  • Gender - How you identify, when matching you with Male or Female callers.
  • Car - transport available y/n.
  • Available - best time to call for Service.
  • Please ensure all named persons are aware that their information will be stored on our secure server for the exclusive use of twelfth step work .


reCAPTCHA is required.

WSO will update the local website information and pass on any updates the WTF liaison officer –
However we cannot update the ‘National Meeting Finder’ or the printed ‘Meeting Directory’,

In order to protect autonomy the Group should authorise the group contact, usually the GSR, to inform GSO of any changes, via the ‘pink form’

Please use the link button below for that purpose.

Pink Form


Group Details For Update
group name as printed on the wtf please