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GSR is a vital Service post, the liaison between Group and Inter-Group.

Without active liaison it would be difficult to maintain the Unity between Group Members, Inter-Groups, Regions and Conference.

The absolute democracy of AA would be weakened if Members were denied the right to vote, on issues affecting AA as a whole, simply because there was a lack in the communication chain of a liaison role, that starts and ends at the ‘coal face’ with the GSR carrying the conscience of the Group.

Below is a transcription of the recent ‘Avon North Conscience Questions’ for Group Members to consider and GSR to return at the next Inter-Group.


Service Conscience

The most persistent issue raised by the Fellowship at last year’s Group Conscience is the problem of recruiting people into service and retaining them once they are in post. This is perhaps the biggest hindrance to ANIG fulfilling its purpose. 

At this year’s Group Conscience, we are looking at ways to further tackle this problem, and have included these service specific questions in addition to the general Conscience questionnaire. Please discuss these now, and then we would like you to take them back to your homegroups and discuss them with your homegroup members. You may feel that there is a question that we are not asking – in which case, please let us have your suggestions in the meeting.

IMPORTANT! Please bring your group’s responses with you to the next ANIG on February 25th 2018  where we will collate all the  feedback

  • What is Avon North Intergroup (ANIG), and what is your understanding of its role and what it does? 
  • Are you aware of the many different service opportunities – and ways of getting involved in service –  at ANIG? 
  • If you have previously thought about doing service for ANIG, and decided not to, please can you tell us why? 
  • If you have held a service post at ANIG, what did it do for you and your recovery? 
  • If you did have a service post at ANIG and didn’t complete your time in post, please tell us why. 
  • If you have held a service post in the past, would you consider doing another post again? If not, why?
  • If you wanted to find out about ANIG, how would you go about it? 
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know? 


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