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GSR is a vital Service post, the liaison between Group and Inter-Group.

Without active liaison it would be difficult to maintain the Unity between Group Members, Inter-Groups, Regions and Conference.

The absolute democracy of AA would be weakened if Members were denied the right to take part in passing on their Group conscience, on issues affecting AA as a whole, simply because there was a lack in the communication chain, that starts and ends at the ‘coal face’ with the GSR carrying the conscience of the Group to Inter-Group.

Below is a transcription of the recent ‘Avon North Conscience Questions’ for Group Members to consider and GSR to return at the next Inter-Group.

This not ‘Questions for Conference’, but issues raised in our last Inter-Group conscience meeting.



Conference Debrief:

The next Inter-Group assembly is on 24th June at 2:00 pm.

This is where we get feedback reports, from a Conference Delegate, as to the Committee decisions taken on the questions that were on the tabled at this years Conference.

The Absolute Democracy of AA in action.